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Every year Airlines globally lose 10% in revenue to stay competitive.

Competitive and relevant data forms the backbone of airline revenue strategy however for long enough airlines have built strategies using inaccurate and cached data. With impulse travel on the rise, travelers are looking to spend even lesser on airfares, putting ancillary at the focus of today’s revenue strategy. In this scenario, airline revenue managers cannot afford to work with incomplete and cached data as they look to preserve margins and maximize revenue.

AirGain uses data visible to the end-user in real-time and provides pricing intelligence with extensive channel coverage across various points of sale and markets. An easy to use UI helps in competitive benchmarking and providing market performance insights with in-depth fare tracking across mobile, metasites and OTAs to give you the real picture of your competition everyday.

Simplifying Competitive Benchmarking

AirGain’s inbuilt Dashboard allows airline revenue managers to easily track market position and understand your win-meet-loss position across markets and exact variance in pricing. Seamlessly switch between views as per your needs to get a view comparing all the airlines between an origin and destination across all dates.

  • Market Position: Don’t lose out on a single market by easily tracking your position for a specific itinerary
  • Cheapest View: Compete easily by viewing only the cheapest price point across each channel
  • Time Table View: See all itineraries across channels in a time Table format for easy tracking

Dashboards That Give You The Latest Trends Any Way You Want

Chose from five trends charts with customizable views that make sure you stay competitive.

  • Market Trends: Compare your cheapest rate easily to the cheapest rate in the selected market
  • Yield to Departure: How competitor rates change for a specific departure date
  • Variance Trends: Variance between your fare and the cheapest fare
  • Min-Max Trends: See how you compare to the cheapest and costliest fares
  • Availability: Easily see which routes your competition is flying on

Make Faster Decisions with Market Sense

Never miss any market shift and act on all Market Optimization opportunities with Market Sense. An easy to use and customizable feature for airline revenue managers have the power to giving you the power to.

  • Configure specific business rules
  • Instantly identify itineraries that need to be corrected
  • Get Automated email alerts for Faster action
  • Choose from multiple parameters based on departure dates, channels, fare, routes, return parameters

Get The Real Picture With
In-Depth Tracking

AirGain allows deep tracking of fares to give you the real picture on each data point to help you build a fail safe pricing strategy. All tracked fares include:
  • Multi-Channel and PoS Shopping
  • Pax Cabin Seating
  • B2B price tracking
  • Ancillary Tracking

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