Revenue managers get more visibility with our unique 5 point mapping capability
Get accurate forecasts with AI enabled solution tailor made for packages
The only provider of rate intelligence working with more than 60 out of the 80 packages company in the world
As new experiences become the focus of the new-age traveller, tour operators and package providers are trying to get insights and change with them by increasingly offering dynamic packages and last minute deals. This growing trend of experiences will help generate more than 183 billion dollars by 2020 making it a lucrative area for every travel and hospitality company to invest in.
Today RateGain is the only provider of real-time rate intelligence and revenue maximization platform that works with 60 out of the 80 package providers like Apple leisure group, Mark Travel, Aurinkomatkat, ETStur providing them apple to apple mapping and a forecasting engine for building accurate pricing strategy.

Get Improved Visibility with Apple to Apple Mapping

RateGain’s in-house, AI and fuzzy logic fueled algorithms give you actionable competitive intelligence using our unique Apple to Apple mapping. Get clear visibility on pricing from hotels or flights right down to inclusions being offered to your customers and use it to beat competition on every price point. The first and only product, offering an exact mapping and comparative analysis is relevant to help you customize your offering in context to the changing market position and give your traveler the best .

Predict Your Success with Optimized and Accurate Pricing

Never go wrong with your forecast by accurately predicting prices as well as delivering exceptional travel experiences. RateGain’s dedicated forecasting engine uses weather, news, social and events data combined with historical data using our proprietary algorithm and data lake.

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